A friend was reading Dallas Willard’s Divine Conspiracy when she told me I was “pure in heart.” “Turn to chapter four,” she said, “you’ll see what I mean!”


What she meant was I’m a perfectionist. (Turn to chapter four and see for yourself.)

What she and Dallas are saying is that the Kingdom of God is for me too.

I asked God to refine me, to make me grateful in the tension and find beauty in the process. So He took me – my frizzy hair, ache for control, and dislike of bugs – and placed me in the tropics.

Cue refining fire. (Literally. I could fly to the equator in an hour.)

But a good story requires that tension.

I cover my eyes as Joseph Gordon Levitt walks between the Twin Towers. I shut the book when Ron walks out of the tent and away from Harry and Hermione. But then tears stream down my face as Matt Damon and Bilbo Baggins make it safely home. My heart was made for this.

The Word of God made flesh to dwell among us. Story lived out in our midst.

Perfectionist, definitely. But that’s only where it begins.

Christine lives with her husband and pug on the 29th floor in Metro Manila. She is co-founder of Narrative Coffee Company and a nomad-volunteer barista. She is also taking time to study Tagalog through formal classes and entertaining YouTube videos.