The Rainbow of Home: Wisconsin

The Rainbow of Home: Wisconsin

I didn’t expect Wisconsin to feel like home. I’ve known it for a while as other people’s homes. And I’ve heard of its cheese. But something about spending time with new family in a new place and helping dear friends start their new lives together as husband and wife makes a place feel like a new kind of home.

I noticed the colors here too. The fields of corn stalks that went on for miles and the dark blue star-lit nights took my breath away and again I tried to capture their beauty and the way they made me feel small. We drove through towns with populations like 185 and stayed in a place where the only fast food chain for miles around was a Subway. We ate farm fresh corn and poured maple syrup on our breakfast plates that was just poured form the tree itself.

We strung lights and set tables and ate food and made friends and worked together to celebrate some of the most wonderful people I know – a guy that I’ve gotten to call “brother” for the past two years and his new bride. And while the colors for their day were a light blue, mint, and lavender, the colors of my week were even more numerous.

Red: Greg and Susie got married in an old, white wedding chapel in the middle of a small town. The couple who run it have operated their business as a wedding chapel for over twenty-five years and know the show. They take pictures throughout the day and sell them afterwards (printed, framed and all!), they decorate the pews and offer rentals of unity candles and whatever else you’d need for the perfect ceremony. And out behind the chapel there’s a small gazebo covered in bright, red roses that were the perfect photo backdrop.

Orange: This week was one of food-on-the-go. We grabbed granola bars often as we ran out the door and stopped a few times for a snack at a local store. We ate a light dinner of fresh corn-on-the-cob one afternoon to hold us over until a late night dinner. One of the foods we always had on hand was oranges. These were easy “throw in my purse” type foods that were also a good immunity booster for an intense wedding week.

Yellow: I wore my wedding shoes for the whole weekend. They went with the blue dress I wore for the rehearsal and I wore them with my long blue and yellow dress for the day of wedding festivities. When I bought these shoes for our wedding day, I wanted them to be something I could wear again and again and again – not just that one day. I love that I got to celebrate another wedding, of two people I think the world of, while wearing these yellow shoes!

Green: The fields! The trees! The grass! Susie’s family owns a golf course just down the hill from their house and one day we got to go to the putting range. It was my first time to hit a golf ball, aside from mini-golf, and it was way more fun than I expected. We loved learning from Susie and getting to experience that part of her life.



Blue: Greg and Susie’s wedding theme was travel. For their engagement photo shoot, they used maps and their passports as props. They met in Haiti and got engaged in the Philippines (with us!), traveling between the U.S. and Canada while dating (long distance is tough, yo). One of my favorite multi-purpose props during the weekend was this set of suitcases that was probably scored at a thrift store. Multiple suitcases of varying sizes fitting inside each other – and they were used for things like collecting cards and serving bags of chips. It suited the travel theme and added a little vintage flair!

Indigo: The sky always makes me feel small, in the best way possible. Living in a city, we don’t see a lot of stars at night (but often I can see Orion from our rooftop!). Out in the fields, driving around the empty streets, I’d catch a glimpse of the indigo sky as the sun was completely gone and the moon in its proper night time place, and I’d go weak at the knees. The pinpoint stars covered the indigo sky in white glitter every night and I couldn’t take it in enough.

Violet: Susie showed me pictures of her flower girl a few days before she joined the wedding adventures in Wisconsin. At the time she met Greg, Susie was living and working in Haiti at an orphanage called God’s Littlest Angels. That’s where she first met the little girl who would walk down the aisle before her in an adorable violet dress, diligently sprinkling violet rose pedals to grace the white path for the bride. Now adopted and living a few hours away, this little girl beamed with each flower-girl task and also skillfully led the dance at the reception by showing us how to whip and nay-nay.

We loved our time with Susie’s family and ours in Wisconsin. Not only did we grow in our love for cheese and breathe deep in the open spaces, but we gained a whole new group of friends to thankfully call home.

Greg and Susie had a wonderful photographer (and friend) capture moments from their wedding day. You can see photos of those red roses and the beautiful flower girl dressed in violet on her blog here!


One thought on “The Rainbow of Home: Wisconsin

  1. WOW! What an amazing blog. I just saw it shared on my mom’s timeline and it brought me to tears. Thanks for your sweet words Christine! You are an amazing writer.


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