More Stuff Worth Sharing

I’m a level four contributor on TripAdvisor. I’ve collected 25 badges and when I get an email saying, “Just one more review and you get to the next level!” I fall for it every time. I click the link and I find a restaurant I’ve been too and haven’t written about yet and I give it a glowing review (usually). I get a certain level of personal satisfaction from their points system even though they don’t matter.

I like telling people about what I like.

I check reviews before I book a hotel or buy a new dress or order a book.

Word of mouth goes a long way, so I’m going to share a few more things I find worth sharing!


I made my first order at BeautyMNL 10:30pm. I received my package at my front door the following morning at 10:15am.There are no drones involved here, friends. There was a friendly man standing at my door holding this package with a smile:


I found this site through an ad on my Instagram feed (they’re annoying little buggers, but they’re effective!). After some careful research and comparing some prices from the site to my grocery store, I felt comfortable to give them a shot. The prices were either the same as or slightly lower than what I was seeing at the store. Plus, I can get some products on this site that I don’t see every day – Bath & Body Works lotion, essential oils, and coconut oil shampoo… which leads me to my next item:

Coconut Oil

Your dog has skin problems? Coconut oil. Dry nose? Coconut oil. Make up remover? Coconut oil. Foot soak? Add coconut oil. Substitute for butter? Coconut oil. Ideal for smoothing frizzy hair? You get the idea.

Every time I google something, the result is coconut oil. (Well, either that or vinegar and baking soda.) I was a skeptic at first, I admit. Clearly, everyone was over exaggerating the plethora of uses for this simple product. But alas, in a country abounding in coconuts, it seemed like the perfect time to jump into the growing trend of this multi-purposed gift from God. Gordon’s fur, my hair, and the occasional loaf of banana bread have not been disappointed.


I signed up for theSkimm’s emails last year just before we left the States and when I receive their daily updates, I get excited as if am hearing from a friend. Written by a team of twenty-somethings in New York City, these emails give daily “cliff notes” of the news – there are bite sized paragraphs with witty (and sarcastic) commentary that makes me think, laugh, and click their links to dig deeper and learn more. They’ve created their own government lingo, reporting recent decisions from “the Supremes” and when the Dems vote against Hillz, she gets Berned.
It’s one of those “by millennials, for millennials” kind of things – West Wing politics meets Gilmore Girls humor. It’s my daily dose of U.S. news that brings information in a casual and entertaining way.


I’ve had a recent craving for all things Mexican. Or, you know, the version of Mexican that I grew up with in Connecticut. Rather than In addition to the new taco restaurant that opened up near our place, I found a recipe online for enchiladas that is worth sharing. Preferably, it’s worth sharing around the dinner table with some tortilla chips and some affogatos for dessert (using salted caramel ice cream, of course), but I’ll have to settle for passing along the recipe. I give you: Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole. Shauna Niequist suggests in her book Bread and Wine to make a dish first according to the recipe and then deviate the next time. I’ve gotten into the habit of adding my own flair from the beginning, given what I can find at the store and what I have in my kitchen when I don’t feel like running to the store. For this one, my alterations are as follows:

  • I used regular white rice because I couldn’t find basmati (or don’t know the Tagalog word…?).
  • I had the ingredients to make the enchilada sauce in my cabinet already!
  • All cheddar cheese because it was cheaper to just buy one kind of cheese. And I really like cheddar cheese.
  • Cilantro didn’t end up garnishing this dish but not for lack of buying. It sat in the ref and was forgotten. But the dish still tasted great!

Served with chips and salsa and a smile. Follow up with some homemade doughnuts and you have yourself a meal.

My recommendations here are simply products and services I like. I receive no compensation for any of it; just like TripAdvisor, the points don’t matter.


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